HKBAV agrees that our efforts should meet the following criteria to ensure focus.

1) Activities should allow involvement of our members’ and their organizations.
2) We should be accountable for the funds being used responsibly working with organizations where we conduct appropriate due diligence.
3) Causes we contribute towards should be sustainable and have a longer term impact preferable to one-time relief.
4) We should allow for promotion of HKBAV whenever appropriate.

HKBAV to take on a longer term initiative under the banner of “Enable Learning Impart Knowledge”. A logo, designed by Ms. Christina Yu of Ipa-Nima, incorporating the HKBAV logo, was developed to bring focus to our efforts. She has chosen the Chinese word ‘善’ for the concept behind the design as it means kindness/ charitable. The integration of the book image in the Chinese word brings out our focus of learning and knowledge.

Standing commitment – The Library Project (“TLP”)

An NGO project to build libraries and reading corners in schools in rural Vietnam to improve children’s literacy. Each project comes with proper librarian training and a 3-year monitoring program.

TLP started in China and branched into Vietnam and Cambodia. The cost of each library project is small enough for HKBAV to commit without pressure with the flexibility to up our game should our fundraising efforts pay off. The geographical coverage within Vietnam also allows HKBAV to select school locations closer to our members’ sites to encourage further CSR participation in supporting through local efforts. An initial 3-year commitment was entered into with a minimum of one library each year committed and is now into our second 3-year commitment.

To date, we have donated USD7,327 since 2016 and provided 2120 children’s book for over 333 students. We aim to provide an additional 1,850 books and benefit 931 students between 2019 and 2021.

A beginning to an end – Learning Centre for Nhat Hong Centre for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Nhat Hong Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired provides services to children and youth with vision impairment, especially to blind orphans and multiple impaired children. Started in 1995, Nhat Hong has grown from caring for blind children to supporting children to integrate into normal education environment and a career training center towards sustainable living.


They have 2 centers in D1 and D9 in HCMC. HKBAV will contribute towards the building of a learning center at each location with computers and braille readers to allow them to access internet materials and to learn foreign language also in hope for employment opportunities in the future.
Subsequent donations to be considered as the learning center goes into operation. To date, we have provided………

Zero Waste Saigon

Started by an expat couple who has been funding the initiatives on their own in Saigon for Vietnam.  Both of them are passionate about building a greener world through educating businesses and school about waste reduction through alternative products and management arriving at zero waste eventually. They have been conducting classes through uncoordinated efforts with some local part time staff and support from local F&B businesses to help with assessment and educating ways of reducing plastics in their offerings and operation.

HKBAV committed to 540 workshops to businesses and schools with follow up on single use plastic reduction with follow-up in 2019.  Target to reduce 100,000 kg of plastic to landfill/ocean by end of a 10-months program with proper KPIs. Zero Waste Saigon will deliver up to 540 classes in 360 schools and businesses in Ho Chi Minh. An estimated 18,000 students, 1,800 teachers and school staff and 1,800 business professionals will be directly impacted.  

In 2018, the Art Exhibition " The Parting of the Plastic Sea" set a new Guinness World Record for the largest drinking straw sculpture. Walk between the two towering waves 3.3 meters in height, made from 168,037 plastic straws recovered from the streets of Vietnam and designed by international conceptual photographer Benjamin Von Wong. This great milestone is poised to boost the effectiveness and the reach of the art exhibition.

Other Ad Hoc requests

We are also supporting CSR efforts of our members and member organizations through our funds
as long as they meet the general objective of our focus “Enable Learning Imparting Knowledge”.
The funds to be utilized shall be approved by the Ex Co on a case by case basis upon recommendation
of the Charity Committee.

Fund Raising Initiatives

Every year, Tung Shing Group supports our Charity Funds through the annual moon cakes sales.
Through Hanoi Hotel, HKBAV would be provided with ~ 500 boxes of mooncakes to our members
at a preferred price and net proceeds to our Charity Funds.

In 2016, HKBAV organized the first charity golf tournament and is now an annual event to create a proactive pipeline for funds for our committed initiatives. HKBAV has been organizing golf tournaments in Vietnam and in the region since 1995. To date, we have raised over 45,000USD through this annual event with net proceeds going towards our Charity Funds.