The Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam – HKBAV is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political voluntary Membership Association of Hong Kong business in Vietnam that was established in HCMC in 1999 and Hanoi in 2012. The aim of HKBAV is to provide interaction among Members and the local/international business communities. We welcome Members of all nationalities who are interested in having business relations with Hong Kong and its members operating in Vietnam. 

HKBAV has since earned a bona fide reputation amongst the International Business communities in Vietnam through the activities it organized. Being one of the Consortium Associate Members of Vietnam Business Forum, HKBAV Members are entitled and encouraged to take part in various Industries’ Working Groups. Furthermore, as an Executive Committee Member of the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide (FHKBAW), HKBAV has now become a part of a global Business Association sharing a membership database with 48 Hong Kong Business Associations in 37 countries with over 11,000 individual associates.

Whether you work at multi-national Corporations or as a one-desk trader; whatever nationality you are, you may be an ingenious entrepreneur or a diligent industrialist as long as you pursuit the same interest of business networking under a global commercial sky.

Send in your application to become a member of HKBAV, which always strives to unite all Members from different sectors providing a platform for exchange of information, data, advices and experience.

The objectives of hkbav include

  • To facilitate and increase two-way investment, business and trade flows between Vietnam and Hong Kong
  • To raise the profile of Vietnam in the Hong Kong business community and the profile of Hong Kong in the Vietnamese business community
  • To complement the bilateral activities carried out by missions and/or business organizations of Hong Kong
  • To support Hong Kong in accordance with the provisions by-laws and HKBAV Contracts and to provide assistance to business issues in Hong Kong and Vietnam
  • To facilitate the creation of strategic alliance between small and medium size companies of Vietnam and Hong Kong
  • To organize and to provide social functions to Members and non-Members of the Association, and to promote fellowship among Members
  • To undertake all activities to achieve the above stated objectives, in conformity with by-laws, the HKBAV rules, and the HKBAV decisions

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