After the MoIT issued Circular No. 16/2017/TT-BCT on the detailed mechanism for encouraging the development of solar power projects in Vietnam, which includes a final template Power Purchase Agreement ("PPA") and the FiT rate of USD9.35 cents per kWh, an average of 9 projects in power generation and distribution were registered per month. Undoubtedly, foreign and local investors were excited about renewable energy in Vietnam, which is expected to grow at 23.2% annually during 2020 - 2030.

Despite the excitement, out of 24 GW of renewables' registered capacity in our database, only 19% made it to construction stage and 8% are in operations. Meanwhile, most projects are still at the preparation stages.

Lack of comprehensive information is the first challenge for investors and developers to maneuver Renewable Energy opportunities. Even though information about Renewable Energy projects in Vietnam has been floating around the market, there is no clear information on number of projects, development status, etc. creating confusion and uncertainty for investors, developers, and other stakeholders.

In this context, as a leading market research & business information corporation in Vietnam, with experience in supporting Renewable Energy project implementation, StoxPlus, in collaboration with EuroCham, is organising the International Conference on the "Vietnam Renewable Energy: Challenges and Practical Solutions", which not only provides the platform to share market insights, project implementation, but also key issues and risks from perspective of project development, financing, M&A and equity investments.

The Conference deliberations will be on the following themes

1. Reviewing the licensed projects and implementation

2. Discussing key groups of issues in a Renewable Energy project

- Licensing issues
- Financing issues
- Pre-operation issues
- PPA terms and issues
- Technology selection and investment cost

3. Discussing key risks to a financing firm in a Renewable Energy Project

4. Discussing M&A and foreign participation in a Renewable Energy project

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