Starting for 2022 membership, HKBAV will be issuing an online account to all members with a digital membership card rather than issuing a physical card. It is to facilitate better communication and convenience for HKBAV Members and doing our meager part to protect the environment. HKBAV will issue the Digital Membership Card via Cardskipper App. Through this App, you will have access to all information as a member including Online Directory, News, Promotions, Discount scheme and event information and registration.

You have completed the 2022 membership application and please activate the App as below simple steps:

1. Download Cardskipper App in Google play or App Store
2. A link will be send to you via email for activation. Please click to activate and you can start enjoying the benefits of being an HKBAV member.

For support in using the APP, you may contact HKBAV Secretariat.

Thank you!

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