Today we visited the Tra Leng primary school's boarding house, one of the HKBV Charity project where we donated a bunk bed system, opened on 30 December 2018.  It took more than 4 hours from Chu Lai Airport to Nam Tra My Mountain where the school is.  The landscape is beautifully but a rather difficult journey even for adults.

The Principal Mr. Bui Quang Ngoc shared with us that ever since the re-opening of the boarding house with better facilities, the kids staying went from 140 to 203 kids.  That they intend to have 300 kids to register to stay in 2020.
All bunk bed systems are still in good condition and well organized with the kids under the guidance of their teachers.

At HKBAV, our Charity Initiatives do not only give money but seek to engage the local community to ensure due diligence of the organizations we work with for best value of the dollar.

If you would like to work with HKBAV on your next charity idea, please contact us at the Secretariat.

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