2021 unlocked the true potential of blockchain technologies adoption, NFT and DEFI. With the continuous improvement, the adoption rate of DEFI, NFT, blockchain technologies will be tremendously increased, the total amount of existing global equity market is around $100 trillion dollar and the digital currency & blockchain technologies markets’ adoption are still in the early stage.

Similarly, NFT fever is spreading globally, especially in real estate, metaverse, games, and IP copyrights. Asia-Pacific investors' interest in cryptographic digital products is rising. Simultaneously, a new generation of creators proficient in digital technology is emerging and pushing this emerging category in new directions. The era of DEFI+NFT and blockchain technologies has arrived, and new markets are beginning to gain momentum.

In this context, Bholdus is aiming to build a platform for NFT&DEFI, blockchain technology innovation as a service and businesses connecting the Asia-Pacific and global markets. The webinar gathers the world’s most thoughtful leaders of NFT & DEFI, blockchain technologies, regulator, the most far-sighted international investors, the most potential emerging startup, and the most disruptive creator to jointly educate and share the latest technology, future regulatory framework and strategic cooperation plans, explore the cooperation opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market, and discuss the latest trends and future of DEFI&NFT & blockchain technologies applied in different industries.

Date: 28 Sept 2021
Time: 10:30AM – 12:00PM (GMT+7) | 11:30AM – 01:00PM (GMT+8)
Admission fee: Complimentary ticket


*This webinar will be conducted in English and using Zoom meeting
*The registration email will be shared with the presenters


Ronald Le , CEO & Founder of, a high-calibre fintech and blockchain entrepreneur who has a passion in building various fintech companies, NFTs and metaverse businesses. He has a track record of building several businesses from scratch to a sizable scale entity.

Ronald enjoys traveling around the world, meeting people from diverse backgrounds and identifying business opportunities along the way. He has checked in at almost 30 countries and more than 60 cities around the globe. He is fascinated about life as much as about his businesses.


Phong Le, former Deputy Director and Investment manager at the State Bank of Vietnam; currently specialised in fintech and financial regulations.


Serial blockchain entrepreneur, Andrew Fai is the Founder of DeStation, a protocol for the Internet of NFTs. He is widely recognized as a thought leader within the NFT space and respected as the power networker connecting opportunities and talent for Crypto 100 and Fortune 500 companies since 2017.


Founder & Managing Director of MaGEHold - An early-stage Technology Angel Investment Firm nurturing innovative startups that leverage Emerging technologies like AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and IoT. She is also the Founder of MaGESpire - A technology education & advisory group enabling tech ventures in areas of Strategy, Architecture & Business Development. Further, she is a partner of True Global Ventures 4 Plus - A first-of-its-kind Global Decentralized Venture Capital Fund focused on investing into promising early-stage & late stage Tech startups.

She is passionate about giving back to the society and runs MaGESpire Community – a knowledge enhancement forum where she conducts lots of educational talks focusing on emerging technologies, family offices and investments.


With more than 20 years of experience in HR Services & Business Consultancy in Canada, Hong Kong, China, and ASEAN region, Winnie has a solid international network and is being considered one of the leading experts in the Vietnam labor market. 

Winnie first arrived in Vietnam in 2005 and her work took her from Vietnam to China and into the ASEAN region for various roles from Country Head to Group Marketing to green field start-up and integration post acquisition.

Winnie returned to Vietnam full time after roaming the region for a few years in mid-2015 and has been involved in various start-ups and restructuring projects here.

Winnie is currently the COO of Colliers in Vietnam and since 2017. Winnie is an active speaker in the region for Vietnam start-up. Winnie has been the General Secretary to the Board for Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam since 2016 and is re-elected to the presidency of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam earlier this year.

Agenda (GMT +7):

10:30 - 10:40AM [10’]: Webinar introduction - by Winnie Lam, General Secretary of HKBAV

10:40 - 11:10AM [30’]: Presentations
1. Blockchain & tokenisation & NFT - Mr. Ronald Le, CEO & Founder of Bholdus
2. Cryptocurrency regulation - Mr. Phong Le
3. Blockchain / NFT as a service and latest trend in the market - Andrew Fai, Founder, DeStation
4. Blockchain/tokenization - Ms. Bowie Lau, Founder - MaGEHold / Partner - True Global Ventures 

11:10 – 11:50AM [40’]:Panel discussion:
Moderator: Ms. Winnie Lam, General Secretary of HKBAV

11:50– 12:00PM [10’]: Closing & Goodbye


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