Are you facing the management decision of the production base or are you considering relocating your factory into Vietnam?

With disruption and challenges of regulatory changes, our local expert will coach factory investment and affairs to analyze the key of the nine production bases thing.

The content of the speech is not only suitable for local Vietnamese companies, but also suitable for companies that are willing to invest in Vietnam.

Suitable for: business owners, second generation, factory directors, finance chiefs, group staff and strategy chiefs.

23 July, 2020 (Thursday)
14:00-15:00 (online both in Vietnamese and Chinese) Talk

[9 key things in Vietnam production base]
Vietnamese and Chinese are conducted simultaneously. Two experts asked questions interactively.

Speaker: Mr. Long Ngoc Pham, Director, EY Vietnam
Host by CTCVN VBF committee

registration: https://forms.gle/NnKq6vCofaQnvhtWA
or contact Allen at allen@daiphatfood.com.vn for registration

❶ Vietnam government's recent policy update on overseas investment matters
❷ Relocation/new/or serious epidemic situation, consider closing the plant: various policies, tax and legal considerations
❸ Investment gains from equity replacement, equity renewal, capital flow, evaluation method
❹ Tax authority (Tax Authority) audits several major contents/penalties and legal basis of the production base
❺ The CEO's vision analyzes that the production base is ready for M&A or newly established in the industrial zone
❻ Matters needing attention when trading overseas shareholders with local shareholders
❼ Precautions for life cycle management of production base (establishment, expansion, decline, transfer, end)
❽ Introduce your tax and legal operations in ten steps to exit the production base in Vietnam
❾ Analysis of land price trends in key provinces of Vietnam

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