HKBAV Chairty Fund was set up first in 2005 to give back to the community of Vietnam proactively. Over the years, our members have provided to some of the less fortunate through cash and in-kind donations. A big Thank you to all our members for your continuous support, allowing us to continue the necessary efforts for a better Vietnam.

Under the banner of “Enable Learning Impart Knowledge”, HKBAV committed last year to the Tra Lanh Boarding House project built in the mountainous region in Quang Ngai Province among other donors. This area has a population of 20,500 with 98% ethnic minority, in which 65% are classified as poor families. The 20 old containers donated 5 years ago as the dormitory so the kids do not have to walk 5 hours in dangerous terrain to school daily is becoming inhabitable. The Voluntary Student Association together with HKBAV decided to join hands, among other donors, to build the Tra Lanh Boarding House, next to No.1 Huong Tra Secondary School, to provide the kids a safe place for studying and living during the week. HKBAV is donating 10 bunk bed systems and 11 banks of lockers to serve up to 200 students.

The project slated to finish earlier was delayed by COVID and later the land slides in the area and is finally coming to fruition. Our Charity Committee member Ms Susanne Sun, our Vice Chairlady Ms Stella So, together with Mr. Calvin On of our Secretariat are now on their way to attend the opening ceremony of Tra Lanh Boarding House and to deliver some much needed resources donated by the HKBAV business communities.

• Becamex Hospitality VND 36,993,600 (US1600) together with HKBAV contributed 10 bunk bed systems, worth VND133,300,000 (~US5,672) and 11 locker sets, worth VND43,500,000 (~US1,800) for 200 students for Tra Lanh Boarding House – No. 1 Huong Tra Secondary School.

• Far East Foam Vietnam donated 200 pillows, worth VND42,422,857,000, (~US1,805) for Tra Lanh Boarding House – No. 1 Huong Tra Secondary School.

• Uniwin Vietnam Company Limited donated 360 blankets (200 blankets for Tra Lanh Boarding House – No. 1 Huong Tra Secondary School and 160 blankets for Tra Leng Boarding House (HKBAV project 2018/19) – Tra Leng Primary School, total worth VND23,500,000 (~US1000).

• Kerry Express sponsored the transportation of the goods with 463 cartons weighing in at 6,618kg to 2 schools, worth VND72,807,490 (~US3,098) .

Stay tuned for the photos and we are very excited to enable the students in the mountainous region of Quang Ngai and Quang Nam a better environment and experience to continue their education.

Please click here to download all photos. Thak you!

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