Today, together with Colliers International Vietnam, we visit Binh Thanh Hope School, a private school for the hearing impaired established in 1986. The school’s main mission is to teach children with hearing disabilities to read and speak and to improve their education level to at least secondary high-school (9 grade) and hopefully can participate in the workforce for a self-sustainable living.

Total students are 130 from 6 - 25 years old (from kindergarten up to secondary high-school) and employed 22 including teachers and assistants. COVID has been very challenging for most and in particular for their school. Colliers International, a member of HKBAV, has been a supporter of the school and submitted a proposal to HKBAV Charity Committee for matching funds to assist with the poor students tuition.  HKBAV board has voted to contribute VND42,000,000 under the “Impart Knowledge Enable Learning” initiative. Additional individual HKBAV members have also added VND50,374,000 to the funding. Its total VND92,374,000.

Together with the contribution of Colliers International in Vietnam and their staff, a total of VND120,450,000 is being presented to the school which will enable the poorest 40 students to continue their education for the next 2 months.  On going fund raising is essential to ensure these students can remain in school and if you are interested in assisting as an individual or as a company, please do not hesitate to contact HKBAV to facilitate and alternatively the school can be reached at +84 3899 5822 for more information.

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