Dear Hong Kong friends,

The HKSAR Government has received notification from the Civil Aviation Authority of Viet Nam ("CAAV") regarding a suspension of air services between Hong Kong and Viet Nam with effect from earlier today ( 1 February 2020 ) until 1 May 2020, a measure implemented by the Government of Viet Nam in response to the latest developments concerning the novel coronavirus.

The HKSAR Government is now in active liaison with the CAAV with a view to seeking the CAAV's favourable consideration for airlines of Hong Kong to operate certain flights back to Hong Kong to bring Hong Kongers home. Given the evolving developments, while we are not able to advise when and which air services between Hong Kong and Viet Nam can be operated at the moment, we would like to reach out to you as soon as we could so that you could get prepared and explore possibilities.

Meanwhile, in case you require urgent assistance, please contact the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit of the Immigration Department. The 24-hour hotline number is (852) 1868.

We will keep you posted on any further information concerning air services between Hong Kong and Viet Nam once available.

Best regards,
Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Singapore

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