We are honored to inform you that our Honorary Chairman Dr. CHAN Tung (陳東博士), GBS, JP, of Tung Shing Group Inc. has received the Grand Bauhinia Medal yesterday from HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam.  

The Grand Bauhinia Medal (大紫荊勳章) is the highest award under the Hong Kong honors and awards system; it is to recognize the selected person's lifelong and highly significant contribution to the well-being of Hong Kong. In 2020, besides Dr CHAN, Mr Andrew Leung (梁君彥), Mr Bernard Charnwut (陳智思), and Mr Hui Wing-Mau (許榮茂) were presented the GBM and there were 98 GBM recipients since 1997. To read about 2020 recipients of all awards, click here.

Dr CHAN is a highly respected community leader with a stellar track record of community services for more than 50 years, striving for the prosperity, harmony and stability of Hong Kong. Dr CHAN also fosters a close bond among different parties in the community and government departments.

Dr CHAN is a renowned philanthropist, who spares no effort in promoting the well-being of the community, in particular the vulnerable groups. In addition, he devotes himself to fighting crime and promoting civic responsibility and youth care in the community.

Over the years, Dr CHAN has been dedicated to public services and has set an exemplary role model for others. He is awarded GBM in recognition of his remarkable contribution to Hong Kong.

Dr. CHAN is a Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam having supported the Association from its very early days.

About Tung Shing Group:

Tung Shing Group was established in Vietnam in the early 90s and is entrenched here, with a diverse business profile from real estate development to trading, and employing more than 1,800 staff . Tung Shing Group is Vietnam’s leading distributor of industrial sewing machines, and the business has flourished with the country’s burgeoning garment and textile sectors at the very beginning. Click here to read more about Tung Shing Group.