The VBF Power & Energy Working Group (“VBF PEWG”), established in 2011, is a platform under the Vietnam Business Forum Consortium, serving as a policy dialogue channel between the Vietnam’s relevant government authorities and the private sector towards a sustainable energy development in Vietnam.
Representing a diverse group of energy developers, investors, users, consulting firms, and international development agencies, VBF PEWG has worked closely with the Government, particularly Ministry of Planning & Investment (MPI), Ministry of Industry & Trade (MOIT), and Central Economic Commission (CEC), to create pathways to support the achievement of transformation in the energy sector. In specific, our works are to:

· Engage private participation to share and disseminate information & advocate interests and issues in terms of power and energy.
· Provide researches, legal analysis, and position papers that identify policy obstacles together with practical solutions.

In 2019, the Working Group has published the Made-in-Vietnam Energy Plan 2.0, which emphasizes the private sector position to support energy security in Vietnam and brings attention to green energy possibilities to the government, businesses, and the press.

Being a member of the VBF PEWG brings in opportunities to involve in the WG’s activities, such as commenting on relevant legal documents, developing related documentations (reports, position papers,…), participating in meetings/ conferences with the government.

If you wish to become VBF PEWG member, please kindly fill in the registration form for our further actions.

Please note that you are eligible for VBF PEWG membership if you are current member of one among the 15 Chambers under VBF umbrella, including: AmCham, EuroCham, BBGV, KoCham, JCCI, VCCI, AusCham, CanCham, InCham, HKBAV, SBG, SBA, CTCVN, TBA, HANOIBA.

For any inquires, please kindly contact Ms. Ngan Pham (PEWG Project Assistant) at email: and/or tel.: 093 790 6600.

Thank you for your attention & we look forward to hearing from you.

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