“Why joining us?”: As you know, staying in touch with the latest leadership framework and investing in developing leadership capabilities for your organization should be one of the most important responsibilities as an Entrepreneur or Executives, but we leaders all have moments which we are caught up in the day to day business, can’t find the time, energy and mind to focus on what’s most important and getting things done. At HAWEE we decide to work together and find a way to move leaders forward. That’s why we create “HAWEE Leaders Forum”. This is the Forum where we unite business leaders and experts to set the trajectory for next generation of wholeness leaders. These are leaders who are capable of Leading Change, Innovations, Building Teams and Driving Results, at the same time, having the Inner Balance, Strength and Persistence to overcome challenges in today’s VUCA world. If these are the drivers for your leadership and business growth, we hope you will benefit directly from true stories and best practices in this event. Registration for the event: https://ticketbox.vn/event/hawee-74885/51977



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